Drone is a brand I created for my senior thesis that includes product packaging, posters, website, and an animation. With some bees being put on the endangered species list for the first time, I wanted to bring more attention to their endangerment. I designed an elegant and modern take on an often cliché subject. I avoided black and yellow color schemes, hexagons, and bee illustrations in favor of a sleeker, stylized look. I designed containers for honey, pollen, candles, seed packs, lip balm, t-shirts, tea, and letterhead and business cards. In addition, I created a series of posters that combined beautiful photographs of bees with facts and information in order to raise awareness for the issue. On the drone website you can view the animation, find information about what kinds of dangers bees face, learn more about bees, and learn what you can do to help. The site also contains a store through which you would be able to purchase the products.


Art Director : Paul Kepple

Packaging photography: Austin Hart
Photography Credit: U.S. Geological Survey
Department of the Interior/USGS
U.S. Geological Survey/photos by Brooke Alexander, Sue Boo, Heagan Ahmed and Sierra Williams