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Reading I, Robot by Isaac Asimov was one of my first memories as my introduction to science fiction. The influence this had on me was immense, and from then on began my love of science fiction and fantasy. To give back to the book that gave me so much inspiration, I have chosen to redesign and illustrate the novel in my own style. I, Robot is a series of nine loosely connected short stories that delve into the question of robot morality and psychology. Each chapter is generally centered around an individual robot which most often malfunctions in some way due to conflicts in its thinking. I created an illustration for the robot that is the focus, and within each chapter is an illustration that depicts a pivotal scene. My rough and loose illustration style contrasts the idea of perfect machine precision with a very organic and human form of image making. I created all the illustrations in this book using the procreate app on iPad pro with the apple pencil.

This is student work and not for sale.

Art direction : Paul Kepple
Author : Isaac Asimov