What happens when we create an artificial intelligence that is able to improve itself? Every year the power of technology is increasing at an exponential rate. If we continue on this path, there is no reason to believe that we won't eventually create something that will surpass us. 

I created this package as an invitation to a theoretical apocalyptic event of my choosing. The technological singularity is one that may be science fiction for only so long. This package includes a card detailing the events of the singularity, what kind of things will lead up to it and happen after. Rather than a doom and gloom apocalyptic scenario, I envision this event as more of a rapture, a new step for humanity. Encased is a mock "flash drive" that the recipient would be able to upload their consciousness to be joined into a new digital reality. I used symbolism of sacred geometry to emphasize the combination of nature and math, and the goal of machine and organic perfection.

Art direction: Dustin Summers
Photography : Colleen DeMenna